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About Us

Simply Chapat Foods trading as The Food Farm is an all woman owned and run food production business. They make pies, quiches, meals and desserts using traditional methods, family developed recipes and REAL ingredients. The Food Farm is the retail brand for the company and the name under which their products sell in different supermarkets.

The family started off their Foodie lives off in restaurants, the first of which was Mike’s Kitchen in Krugersdorp owned and run by Mom and Dad Daniel and Colleen Chapat – back when Mike’s was the BEST place for ribs and the “Old Man” was the King of the Grill.

They then opened Simply Chapat a fine dining French Restaurant – in it’s time it was one of the most highly decorated restaurants in South Africa (that surname is as French as French can be, don’t pronounce the “T”). Dad Daniel in the kitchen with his dedicated brigade, Mom Colleen running front of house with a fabulous team of beret clad staff and the two girls Tammy and Joey working both up front and in the kitchen – learning the best from both folks.

 After they closed the restaurant (cue lots of very cross lovers of fine French food!) the family all went off to do a variety of exciting things. Colleen and Daniel consulted on a variety of amazing and upmarket projects including Broughtons, The Butcher Shop, Budmarsh and Mkuze Falls.

Joey spent a bit of time in the medical field but she is her Father’s daughter and takes after him with a flair for flavour, an amazing touch for bringing depth and silkiness to sauces and an absolute single-minded passion for bringing the best out of fresh ingredients simply and carefully.

Joey then re-joined Mom Colleen and Simply Chapat Foods was born – starting off small providing imported products to Jozi’s best restaurants and hotels and then making ready meals for a group of Butcheries, the quiches followed – baked by Colleen at 4am in the morning for their little shop outside their housing estate. Then came some fresh pasta, then desserts and later the pies.

Tammy went off to England and worked with some awesome chefs in some amazing venues including The National Portrait Gallery, Waterstones, Earls Court & Olympia Exhibition Centres, The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple & the House of Commons to name but a few but the Sun called her back and now these 3 Ladies are back together and bringing quality, flair and good honest flavour to the products they supply to a wide variety of supermarkets, caterers, and wholesale distributors.

The Family now works with a well-trained team from their Food Production facility in Krugersdorp. Products from The Food Farm are hand-made, cooked in small batches to preserve flavour and the company keeps to the ethos of using fresh and locally sourced products where-ever possible, supporting small local farmers in the process.

Simply Chapat Foods is also a proud sponsor of the Salvation Army and works with their local branch donating food in order to assist with the housing and feeding projects on the go. 

The Food Farm

We trade under the name The Food Farm, and you will find our products in lots of stores you can also visit our Factory Shop at 62 Kingdon Street, Krugersdorp North.